It’s Not Easy Being Green

Actually, nowadays, it’s actually really easy to be green — for “environmental” marketing purposes that is. Just make sure your product includes some component that includes words like, “recycled”, “natural resources”, or some other tree-hugger term — and then you can say it’s “green”.

I am amazed that no one has stepped up to regulate the use of the term “green”, the same way they did for “organic”. And while others may argue that some laws that regulate “organic” are a bit extreme, I think some regulation for the term “green” is necessary. With consumers purchasing habits in a state of flux — baby boomers giving way to the Gen Xers — which is bringing about a shift towards “thoughtful spending” — what is said on the packaging and in the ads better be backed up by performance. Not to mention, that in a struggling economy, consumers don’t want to pay more for something if they do not fully understand what they are paying more for.

Also, new consumer spending habits include more skepticism and needing proof before purchase. If you fail them or worse, fool them, you will lose them – which no one can afford.

Will “green-washing” hurt us? Are there too many products using the term “green”? Are we headed to a point that the customer doesn’t care or believe green claims? Is green important to your product mix?

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