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Color and Coatings

Color can be a simple, yet powerful way to change a product. Forecasts and trends are closely watched by global companies, and color is now playing an ever increasing role in differentiating and growing housewares products.

In basic housewares (cookware, bakeware, food prep), color has always been available, but usually focused on the basics: black, grey, and silver. In the 80s and 90s, colors such as hunter green, burgundy and cobalt blue began emerging, as fashion complements to the typical black exteriors and finishes. In the new millennium, red became the new black, and over the last decade a variety of colors and finishes have emerged, breathing new life into these product categories.

Metallic tones, Pantone® Color of the Year, spattered finishes, and colors from the bright and vibrant to dim and demure have found a place on a variety of product lines.

When it comes to color, on products that come in contact with food, there are requirements and restrictions that must be adhered to in order to achieve safe (FDA-acceptable) colors, which are then balanced against the desired color.

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