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"Etremely informative"
–Lori Connell

"Extremely informative"
–Lucia Radice

"Great information about non-stick coatings. I have been researching about this lately never found good information in online. Clean and elegant website. Navigation friendly! Good work!!

–saritha babu

"Excellent no nonsense website. Gave me the information I needed. Would like to have seen a few more examples of foods cooked by each method. But overall. Helpful!!"
–Anne Raible

"We have only just found this network today and I find that it is very informative.

Thank you for adding it to your website
–Mold Release coatings

"very informative"
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"First time I have used your site. Found it informative with above average information, beyond simplistic advise that leaves one asking for more. Reliable information based on sound research. You guys know what you are talking about."
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The extent of useful information provided is superb. "
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"interesting facts so far"

" I am satisfied by the way in which PKN has described about non stick coating done on cookwares.It was really helpful in releiving my worries about use of nonstick cookwares."
–sneha vaid

"Real good job on explaining the coatings and their purposes. Great information for new applicators and anyone wanting to brush up on fluoropolymers. "
–Larry Desjarlais

"Very interesting."
–Susan Perkins

"The Product Knowledge Network is an excellent go-to-web site! In addition to being easy to use, it is a one-stop-shop for extremely knowledgeable information on anything one would ever want to know related to nonstick coatings, and additional facets as they relate to product (i.e. such as CMA standard information on packaging, material types, handle construction, etc). I find the "Common Coating Problem" section particularly useful- as a manufacturer; this section provides key tools that will help identify and address any common issues by showing photos and remedies to correct common problems. Looking forward to the expansion of the PKN and to additional informative tools on the web site ahead. "
–Housewares Senior Category Manager

"PKN has been a great tool for helping to get a level of understanding out to all of the teams I work with. from our suppliers to design, PKN allows everyone to best strategize the best performance for the tier of merchandise we are working on."
–Christopher White

"I like the simplicity and accuracy of what you presented here. Pictures and visual aids are good. I would give you more critiques and recommendation as I visit your website from time to time. Thank you."
–faranak shojai

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